More about Lowther Property Finders

We are very different from Estate Agents as we act solely for the buyer or renter. The Estate Agent is instructed by a Vendor or Landlord to act in their best interests which is reflected in the fact that the Vendor or Landlord pay the agent.

The process of searching for a home can be extremely frustrating with copious amounts of time taken up dealing with Agents only to find the best properties have gone before they either reach the internet or before the applicant is informed.

Our job is to ensure our clients have access to all properties right from the outset and have the best possible chance of securing those properties when there are a number of interested parties.

Effectively we are a personal agent for the buyer or renter with the sole interest of looking after the best interests of our client. As a result for the majority of our clients we manage to save a considerable amount of time, money and stress. In addition they are more likely to get a property that suits all of their requirements in the timescale of their choice rather than having to compromise.