Associated Services

One of the benefits of Lowther Property Finders is that we can give impartial advice with regards to associated property services. Having worked in the industry for over twenty years we have experienced service levels in various related sectors that can vary dramatically depending on the company. If you are unfortunate to have either an inexperienced or poor quality professional representing you in terms of a mortgage or the conveyance it can often cause major problems once you have agreed to purchase a property which will negatively affect the timescale of the purchase and often could lead to the whole transaction falling through.

In order to safeguard our clients we are in a position to recommend a number of Property related Services which will enable our clients to appoint some of the best in the industry to act on their behalf. Some of the services that we are able to recommend are as follows:


Building Companies

Interior Designers

House Doctors

Mortgage Consultants

Removal Companies